City Travel Workshop – London

In association with Calumet I’m running a city travel photography workshop. This is an exciting, and intense all day travel photography workshop which is suitable for anyone who has a basic understanding of photography, up to more advanced photographers looking to progress in this area of photography.

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The day will begin in the classroom where we will discuss the foundations of travel photography. We will then venture outside where you will be set a series of exercises to get you thinking. Stewart will be on hand to support you throughout the day, helping you progress in both technical and creative areas.

Course Content:

In The Classroom 10:00 – 12:00

  • Introduction – Objectives
  • Research and Planning
  • What to Take (and leave behind)
  • Why A Notebook Is Essential
  • Camera Setting Options
  • Legal Considerations (for stock and general urban shooting)
  • Shooting in an Urban Environment
  • Commercial vs. Non Commercial Images

Outside 12:00 – 21:00

We will choose a route taking in a variety of landmarks and lesser known areas, learning as we walk. Along the way you will be given a series of exercises including the following;

  • Shooting for a Varied Portfolio
  • Learn to Become ‘Invisible’
  • Avoiding the Cliché Image
  • Finding the Unusual
  • Composition
  • Candid and Unposed Portraits
  • Urban Architecture
  • Colour vs Black and White
  • Using Light

Workshop Debrief: Within 2 weeks of finishing the workshop you will put together a portfolio of 30 images with captions, and Stewart will give you feedback on the images.

Requirements: Any digital or film camera. There may be restrictions on tripod use but if you’re happy to carry one around on the day then please bring one along. This is an intense, long day so wear good walking shoes and clothing for the likely weather conditions.

The cost for the day is £150 (10.00 to 21.00hrs plus review of images).

Link to Friday April 1st Workshop 

Link to Friday May 6th Workshop

Link to Friday June 3rd Workshop

If you would like any more information about this workshop Stewart is happy to speak to you. Please message here, thanks.