The Last Goal

26th April 1997 – The Last Goal ever scored at The Goldstone Ground (YouTube video link), home of Brighton & Hove Albion FC (from 1902 to 1997). It was a Stuart Storer goal giving the Seagulls a 1-0 victory over Doncaster Rovers and lifted them out of the fourth-tier relegation zone but it took 14 years for the club to find another place they could call home. Brighton & Hove Albion FC are now in the Championship play-off places playing in front of the largest average attendances in the division.

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Last Goal Series_LR
The Last Goal Series (c)Stewart Weir 1997

Last days Of A Football Home 1902 – 1997

Brighton and Hove Albion FC
The end days of a football ground. Between 1902 and 1997 The Goldstone had admitted 22.9 million supporters to 2,174 games. The largest attendance at the Goldstone was 36,747 when the Albion played Fulham on 27 December 1958. Turf is removed by a fan before the bulldozers arrive. (c) Stewart Weir 1997