And The Winner Is …

Coffee Morning, Brighton © Stewart Weir 2012
Tree Nursery, Smarden © Stewart Weir 2013

Last year’s new is this year’s old as is the way of all things these days. Ironically today it doesnt matter whether your producing images on a mobile phone or a £3k plus pro spec digi SLR.. Unless your intending to shoot weddings, sports or sell to glossy magazines in my humble opinion it doesn’t really matter what you shoot with. Even newspapers will accept mobile images today! The question is what’s the most important camera you can own?

My most used camera today is a Samsung S4 followed by a Rolleiflex 3.5f TLR medium format film camera. The first image was shot on a now ‘obsolete’ Nikon P7100 and the 2nd was shot on a Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile. Recent offerings from mobile phone companies especially the Nokia Lumia 1020, iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S4 is just going to blur the image making line even more.. and in turn reduce sales for compact cameras unless camera makers can come up with more bells and whistlers. Mobile phone image making is catching up fast.. Its just a matter of time before the camera of choice is the mobile for the majority.

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