Lovers, Trees & Music .. …

Brighton Beach Lovers – Under The Pier © Stewart Weir 2005

It all seems so very long ago now. From 2001 until 2008 I walked the beaches of Brighton just getting lost in thought and taking the occasional image. It became and still is my meditation but now I walk in woods instead of on the beach. Gone are the lovers and seagulls and now its the time of the tree. Its funny how I’ve drifted creatively.

Looking through my work it has evolved (as it should) but I’ve got no idea where it’s heading right now. Im never happy with what I produce and find fault easily but thats my drive to create that one image that I get a shiver down my spine and think YES!

The Beach Lovers series was produced listening to 2 Pac (Picture Me Rollin), The Foo Fighters (Aurora) and Puddle Of Mud (Blurry). The woodlands project is being produced listening to Godspeed (09-15-00), Esmerine (Snow Day For Llasa) and Tool (10,000 Days). Musical taste moves with the creative  journey I guess.. …

Woodlands & Trees © Stewart Weir 2011

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