A Message From Jock Sturgess

“I have a request and a suggestion. The urge/desire/hunger to make an image is a precious thing. As often as not it rises from deep within us, from our subconscious, from bedrock US. The voice says, keep this, ‘REMEMBER this. We reach for a camera. This fascinating transaction is very new to homo sapiens. It was not so very long ago that our only recording faculty was memory itself. Now this new thing lets us carry the past forward, let’s us examine and learn and advance from where we’ve been, from WHAT we’ve been. This has radically changed us. We are something new under the sun.

BUT, Using camera phones and gimmicky software to satisfy this thirst — to absorbe and essentially discard it — is just such a shame. I see promising, intelligent photographers reducing their work to aesthetic rubble by using photogram almost every day.

It wounds me every time. Their various imitation “looks” will be of no interest to the high end of the art world and will at best seem only quaint to posterity. Do I seem stuffy in wishing a finer result for one and all? I don’t mean to. It’s just that I so admire the definitive effort. Excellence and knowing as I do with perfect certainty that everyone is a genius in their own life, I have an unrelenting hunger to see it, clearly and well — unadorned by banal artifice. There is no one at all that I exempt from this quixotic yearning of mine. Most of what each and every one of you know in your lives are fascinating mysteries to the rest of the world.

Please. Use the best camera you can. Do the best you can. All the time. Your time IS limited. The vast majority of what you see will never be there again in just the same way” – Jock Sturges

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