Notes On The Previous 3 Images

Been out shooting on a very wet night. No flash and turned the OIS and the focus assist off. Really very happy. Im judging correct exposure on what the screen is telling me on review. If it looks correct it is and this is on the normal screen setting. I am taking no notice of the histograms unless im shooting a very bright scene. For most of the time i’m shooting in Aperture Priority with minus 1/3rd down to minus 0.7 exposure compensation set.

Walking Through The Rain.. ISO 800 f2.8 at 1/20th second. Aperture priority and minus 1 exposure compensation.

Waiting .. ISO 800, f2.8, 1/50th second, Aperture Priority and minus 0.7 exposure compensation

Rainy Golden Night .. ISO 400, f4.5 and 1/60 second. Aperture Priority with minus 0.7 exposure compensation.

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