6 thoughts on “A Little 'Fine Art' With the X1

  1. Hi Stewart,

    Found your X1 writeup very informative, as I am thinking about the X1. I would use it for what I am currently using my DLux4: close-range urban candids shot from the hand, mostly with the LCD off (viewfinder mode on). It would be great if you could write a comparative piece about how you’ve used these two cameras, particularly for street work.

    In my case, the target is nearly always a mono image. I set the DLux4 to 37mm or 41mm equiv, silent mode, shutter priority to 1/200, and either use pre-focus or set multi-point (which requires the camera to be held steady a fraction longer). My hit rate isn’t back, but there’s less dof control than I’d like, and of course, the image gets noisy (and AF slows down) as light level reduces.

    I would very much appreciate your thoughts on what benefits the X1 could bring for my use. Will the AF be too slow to improve on the DLux4 (I work in day time, but I’m in England, of course)? Will the shutter be too loud?




    1. I have had a little experience with the DLux4. The X1 is an APS size sensor so already your going to be ahead in terms of image quality and noise issues. The shutter sound is very quiet.. but cannot comment on whether its louder than the DLux4. The AF does hunt in certain situations yes but again it rather depends on what your subjects are.


  2. Stewart:

    Thanks for doing this.
    A good beginning to what I hope will be a great sight for both the photos and the dialogue.
    Hopefully I’ll have one in hand and be able to contribute in the not too distant future (the Leica production line gods be willing!).



    1. I understaand 15 X1s arrived in Londo BUT thats unconfirmed as it was a posting on another forum. Im guessing dealay is because the powers that be at leica dont want to mess things up and get the X1 out there with no issues. Im using a pre production model and must say ive been very happy.


  3. I can confirm it has arrived in London, just not by volumes yet. A lucky few who had pre-paid an installment last year got their cameras last Tuesday.


  4. BTW, from my playing around with a recent unit, the dials seemed less prone to accidentally move, and the auto-focus (only tested face-detection) was much faster than I had feared, but everything is obviously relative…


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